A Personal Account: What is it like realizing the world is drowning in plastic?

April 30 / 2019

By Lia Allen


Most people are aware that we have some problems in the environment and need to make a change. However, how aware are they actually?

About a month ago, I was one of those people. I already knew that the environment is suffering and we are experiencing drastic changes in the climate. I knew that we have ocean pollution, air pollution, land pollution… every type of pollution.


What I did not realize is that everything is made of PLASTIC.

Plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags, plastic produce bags, plastic straws, plastic silverware, plastic to-go containers, plastic shampoo bottles, plastic soap bottles, paper to-go cups lined in plastic, frozen meals packaged in cardboard lined in plastic, plastic chairs, plastic Tupperware, plastic toothbrushes, plastic floss containers, food sold in plastic, plastic tape, plastic in gum, plastic calculator, plastic packaging, plastic keyboard, parts of a computer, plastic computer cases, plastic phone cases, plastic wrap, plastic plates, plastic bowls, plastic tables, plastic hair brushes, plastic combs, plastic pens, plastic credit cards, plastic garbage cans, plastic contact cases, plastic lint brush roll, plastic fabrics, plastic Keurig cups, plastic makeup packaging…



When you have this realization, at least for me, you suddenly become frantic and hyper-aware. There is an immense sensation of anxiety and guilt. For a few days, you will notice the amount of plastic that surrounds you: the plastic in your home, restaurants, stores, and the streets. In addition, you may feel hopeless for a short time-being.

You may be wondering how you, being a single individual, can make a difference. Well first, you have to research. Take some time to digest the statistics and learn about the alternatives and solutions. After you give yourself some time, you can slowly begin to implement changes.


There is hope.

You may feel like your efforts are pointless, but they are not. Day after day, you will become better at reducing your plastic consumption. Your anxiousness will turn into passion and ambition. You will want to inspire others and continue working on the challenge to rid our planet of plastic.

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