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14 mayo / 2019

We are buzzing after a great two-day hackathon, Hack4Refugees, in Barcelona on May 4-5th! Peaceworx partnered with Techfugees Barcelona to organize and mentor during the event.

The hackathon started on Saturday morning with speeches from Techfugees’ global and local representatives, Corinne Grey, founder of Uncomfortable Revolution, SINGA Barcelona, World Reader and Refugee Friendly. While each presented a different perspective, the running theme was design inclusion. Instead of developing new products or services that are cool, the focus should be on understanding who the user is and how can we meet the users ́needs best.

Techfugee´s Louise Brousset and Laila -Josefin Azhar

Corinne Grey giving a great introduction

World Reader´s Nina Wine

We could not agree more! Eloise Stancioff presented for PeaceWorx on how design thinking is a great method to use, but we should be weary of reinventing bad design. To avoid this, Eloise shared different tools to create a more human-centered design approach in building and prototyping services for users.

Following presentations, hackathon participants broke off into their respective groups to propose innovative solutions for the problem statements proposed by each NGO community partner. These problem statements included how to reach refugee communities more effectively, how to create more fulfilling opportunities for jobs, and how to create more social inclusion.

Idelette Aucamp giving a great breakdown of SINGA´s hackathon problem statement.

Hardworking teams

Hackers worked well into the night. Luckily, Daniel Hires came around when energy was low to give some tips about how to pitch.

The team from Learning by Helping working late into the night

On the second day, after delicious croissants, groups got back to work to make the deadline of presentation submission. Each group had great ideas and showed great initiative. While one group had to win, it was impressive to see the evolution of idea to prototype for each team. The team Esperanza won with their platform of connecting refugee communities with local job opportunities.

Thanks to all community partners, including Playground, Glovo, SeedRocket, Chapter 2, SINGA, Refugee Friendly, and World Reader. Also, it was amazing to have such great input from mentors from such varied backgrounds, Maria Alamo Garcia ,Daniel Hires, David Leal Garcia, Patricia Barbera, Alberto Armeno Carmona, Duncan Private, and Benjamin Cotte. Peaceworx had such a great time working with the team from Techfugees Barcelona, including Laila -Josefin Azhar, Ana Sofia Barros, Caroline Grisel, and Louise Brosset from Techfugees Global. Finally, it goes without saying, this event would not be possible with such great participants!

To learn more about Techfugees, click here:

Do you have a good idea of a hackathon or want some advice on Design thinking? Get in touch with us.

Eloise from Peaceworx, Ana Sofia Caroline from Techfugees Barcelona, Essa and David.

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