Zero Waste Travel

August 05 / 2019

With holidays coming up, everyone is packing up and getting ready for vacations. Whether you’re staying close to visit family or traveling far to a new country, we all know traveling can get expensive, and not just economically. Traveling comes at a large environmental cost for the same reasons as the economic costs: transportation, food, housing, and souvenirs.

This month, Peaceworx is paying special attention to sustainable tourism, and focusing on how we can limit our carbon footprint while still enjoying our vacations. One large, but effective challenge is Zero Waste Travel. By committing to reduce your personal waste production, you can also reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some ideas on how you can implement a Zero Waste lifestyle to your next vacation.

First, eliminate your need for single use plastics. Single use plastics are the greatest enemy of zero waste, since they usually are not recyclable. Challenge yourself to avoid plastic forks, straws, and water bottles by bringing your own reusable supplies. Instead of taking a plastic shopping bag, bring your own tote. Instead of using tiny hotel shampoos, bring your own.

Next, avoid unnecessary paper use. Printing off boarding passes and receipts are a thing of the past now that everything is online. Instead of wasting paper and ink, use e tickets and emailed receipts. Additionally, bring your own handkerchief to restaurants so you don´t have to use paper napkins.

Finally, refrain from taking taxis or rental cars. If possible, walk anywhere and everywhere. By walking instead of driving, you can reduce your carbon footprint and become for familiar with the place you’re visiting. If walking is not an option, take advantage of public transportation.

Zero waste travel is less complicated than it seems. Even by implementing only a few small changes, you can reduce your carbon footprint. So, for your next vacation, help protect the planet and go Zero Waste while you travel.

Photo Credit goes to wasted blog

By Erica Reiners

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